why lifeflow partners
Why LifeFlow Partners

Paving a new path to support the future of vascular, endovascular and interventional care

Physician Leadership – It is not often that scaled healthcare practices are led by practicing physicians. Our board and shareholder group is led by physicians – that means decision making resides with the clinician.
Clinical Autonomy – LifeFlow partnered practices retain ownership at the individual practice level, meaning the physicians continue to control local clinical and administrative decision making for their patients and staff.
Patient Experience – As physicians maintain autonomy, patients in turn benefit from a less bureaucratic standard of care, and an overall more coordinated and timely care experience.
Business Partnership – Our business team has been serving healthcare groups for decades. They understand the operational and strategic needs for practices to scale, and capital market dynamics to support future liquidity and growth capital.
Administrative Efficiencies – We all recognize that scale and coordination brings efficiencies with payors, administrative functions (such as finance/ accounting, HR, RCM, purchasing, etc.). We help streamline and support the needs of our practices.
Navigating the Long-Game – Practices are faced with the practice pressures of increased competition, complexity, human resources, cost inflation, and eventually the uncertainty of whether to sell some or all of their equity. Further, some investors seek to accelerate an equity sale at the wrong time for the physician (e.g., poor seller economic conditions, low earnings (EBITDA), or a low multiple). Our structure is designed to optimize this for our physician partners.
We’ve Done this Before – Throughout their careers, our business leaders have supported healthcare practices and help manage the path of strategic alternatives for the practices. We believe that physicians should be at the forefront of these decisions.
Partner with LifeFlow to optimize all facets impacting both your short-term and long-term practice goals.
Scaling your practice

LifeFlow supports practices with their hospital-focused, or outpatient (OBL/ASC) planning and sustained growth

Physician-led leadership

at the board-level, across the LifeFlow shareholders, and all related committees to select the right partners both now and in the future

Deep knowledge

of healthcare capital markets and connections within the community

Collaborative and centralized services

to support benchmarking and best practices that lead to operational improvement

Exit planning

as you and your practice evolve, our team has expertise to evaluate strategic alternatives for the LifeFlow partnership