What we do

Putting outpatient endovascular practices first

LifeFlow Partners is a physician-owned, physician-led private equity firm that was created to provide physicians a better option than selling solo to a hospital system or to traditional private equity.
We offer a different approach to private equity. We combine best-in-class, like-minded vascular surgeons and interventional practices for collective power. Physicians remain clinically independent and are able to benefit from resources usually reserved for larger organizations.
Physician members benefit from a management team with decades of private equity experience who deliver negotiating power, industry insight, more equitable contracts, and economics that have historically been reserved for the financial world.
With LifeFlow you will
Private equity preparedness

LifeFlow prepares physicians for an optimized future PE exit

Deep knowledge

of healthcare private equity and connections within the community

Physician-led leadership

including Board and Exit committees to select favorable private equity buyers

Collaborative structures

to support benchmarking and best practices

Centralized services

to deliver performance gains and operational expertise