LifeFlow Partners and the Growing ASC and OBL Landscape

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and office-based labs (OBLs) are on the rise as procedures continue to move from hospitals to outpatient settings. While this trend has vastly improved the patient experience, balancing the management of outpatient facilities with delivering superior care is complex. Becker’s ASC Review recently discussed this topic with Medtronic and GE Healthcare, which have collaborated to provide ASCs and OBLs across the country with portfolios of devices and equipment such that they can deliver the same quality of care as a hospital, but with more flexibility.

At LifeFlow Partners, we know the complexities that come with running ASCs and OBLs and the barriers that limit practice growth. Our mission is to alleviate that pain. We combine best-in-class, like-minded outpatient endovascular practices for collective power. We implement cost savings in each of our practices while increasing their respective profit margin and practice value. Additionally, our practices benefit from our private equity preparedness model – a series of tools and strategies that LifeFlow uses to prepare outpatient endovascular practices for a future sale. All the while, LifeFlow enables physicians to keep clinical control and provides resources to help each practice grow its individual brand.

As noted in Becker’s, while multi-specialty ASCs and OBLs aren’t new, additional cardiovascular procedures have recently been approved in this setting – and we see that growth continuing. Click here to schedule a quick 15-minute call in which we can discuss how we can help optimize your outpatient endovascular practice so it stands out from the rest.