How Private Equity Can Ensure Business Liquidity for Expanding Surgical Facilities

Private equity and business liquidity

In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, surgical facilities are continually seeking avenues for expansion and growth. However, one of the primary challenges they face is ensuring business liquidity to fund these expansion endeavors. This is where the role of private equity becomes indispensable. LifeFlow Partners, a leading physician-led private equity firm based in Chicago, IL, … Read more

Maximizing the Value of Your Practice: LifeFlow Partners’ Approach to Investing in Outpatient Endovascular Surgery

Maximizing practice value

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, outpatient endovascular surgery stands out as a domain with immense potential. As physicians and healthcare professionals strive to provide the best care while ensuring the growth and sustainability of their practices, the question arises: How are we maximizing practice value in this niche? Enter LifeFlow Partners, a physician-led private … Read more

Why Medical Private Equity Firms Like LifeFlow Partners are Changing the Medical Industry

medical private equity

Over the past few years, a fascinating shift has taken place in the realm of healthcare finance. The emergence of medical private equity represents a dynamic convergence of clinical knowledge and financial acumen, a change that promises to leave a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape, particularly endovascular surgical clinics. Shifting the Power Dynamic in … Read more

Five Tactics to Ease CMS Cuts to OBL Reimbursement

Endovascular practices that are feeling the impact of the 10-15% CMS cuts in office-based laboratory (OBL) reimbursement need to act immediately to soften the blow and prepare for the future. Here are five tactics OBLs need to get right to stay competitive and profitable in the face of current and anticipated reimbursement cuts. 1. Shift … Read more

The ABCs of PE

A recent blog post by Foley suggests that private equity investors are showing an increased interest in the cardiology space. Trends in the United States like obesity and an aging population increase the need for cardiologists along with vascular surgeons and endovascular specialists; additionally, these practices drive high-margin procedures – all of which are attractive … Read more

Five Actions Private Practice Physicians Can Take to Reduce Burnout

Results from a Mayo Clinic Proceedings survey show an alarmingly high rate of burnout among physicians. 63% of physicians reported having at least one symptom of burnout at the beginning of 2022, an increase from 44% in 2017. The trends are fairly consistent across specialties. Are you or a colleague struggling with burnout? Here are … Read more

Five things every outpatient endovascular practice should know before signing to sell

You’ve been negotiating with a hospital, PE firm, or other buyer, and you’re close to signing the LOI. Every outpatient endovascular practice should make sure you get answers to the following questions so that you, the physician, can maximize your outcome. Who controls my practice after I sell? Almost everyone says you will retain autonomy … Read more